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ETA Extensions

To apply for an ETA extension you will need to have;

(*) a very good reason
(*) a valid passport
(*) 1 - 2 weeks left on your original ETA Visa
(*) a medical examination
(*) Your current passport (valid for at least six months);
(*) travel document details;
(*) current or previous Australian visa details;
(*) name and residential address details;
(*) postal and / or email address details; and
(*) declarations by you as to your
** health;
** character; and
(*) an understanding and acceptance of the conditions of the visa being applied for.

You may also be asked to supply financial records showing sufficient funds to accommodate your intended stay.

Applications for extensions of a Tourist visa or extensions of an ETA (Visitor) submitted electronically are normally finalised within 2 working days. Some applicants will be required to attend an interview and will be expected to bring supporting documentation to their interview.

If you are required to be interviewed, the applicable Government Department will contact you by e-mail to advise you of your next step.

What happens after I have made an application ?

Most applications will be processed electronically, with notification being sent to you of the outcome of your application. The notification will be either by post or email, depending on which you nominate in your application.

In certain circumstances the applicable Government Department may contact you to:

* request more information;
* undergo a health check or further health checks that was not identified during the submitting of this application;
* arrange an interview.

Will I need a medical examination?

A chest x-ray and / or medical examination (which may also include specific tests) may be required in certain circumstances.

Usually these circumstances will be identified at the time you are making the application and, if this is the case, you will be informed of these medical requirements at that time.

Occasionally circumstances will exist that require you to undertake a chest x-ray and / or medical examination that were not identified at the time of making the visa application. If this occurs you will be contacted by the applicable Government Department .

Apply Now

If you need to apply FOR AN EXTENSION ONLY to YOUR ETA VISA ONLY, please contact the nearest Australian Immigration office in your capital city.